Simply Weight Loss is a simple, three-step program. You just drink your water (8 glasses, 64 oz.), take your herbs (they're in pill form), and eat enough food! It's important that you don't skip meals or cut back on calories too much because that will actually end up slowing down your metabolism. We do have available menu suggestions to help maximize your weight loss! All you need to do is get in some extra protein and cut down on starchy foods a little bit. Because there's no forbidden foods or calorie counting, it's very easy to follow, and it's so close to how you've already been eating that you won't have to worry about gaining your weight back!

Working with the three steps, our average weight loss has been 18-22 pounds in just 6 weeks!


Watch Wendy explain the Introduction kit. Listen to the benefits of the Protein Drinks Wendy explains Carbo Blockers and Fat Stabilizers.


What can you expect with the Simply Weight Loss system?

Proven Effective Herbal Blend - The Day Time Formula will increase your metabolism, decrease your appetite and give you more energy. The Night Time Formula is a special blend designed to balance the Day Time Formula, soothe and relax.

Trained Experience Staff - Provides you with ongoing support and direction. We have over 30 years of weight loss experience and are available by telephone to answer any question.

Regular Follow-up Calls - To better guarantee that you are getting the best results possible.

Menu Suggestions for Faster Weight Loss - Certain combinations of food can actually cause your body to burn stored fat.

We've got several options to get you started, but our very best buy is our 6-week Intro Kit. It includes everything you'll need for 6 weeks. You'll receive a 6 week supply of our day and night time herbs, a multivitamin and calcium supplement, the essential fatty acids, which will give your body the fat it needs so it can release its stored fat, resulting in quicker weight reduction and loss of inches! The INTRO KIT will include the amazing carbo block and fat stabilizer that will help absorb and eliminate starch, sugar and fat from the foods you eat.  The Intro Kit also includes a water bottle, pillbox and samples of our high protein drinks.

All SIMPLY WEIGHT LOSS products are manufactured in a state of the art facility in the USA. SIMPLY WEIGHT LOSS products should not be taken by pregnant women or nursing mothers. If you have a medical condition you should consult your physician before taking any herbal products or begining any exercise or weight control program.